The Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA) is a non-profit, non-government organization that exists to educate, inform and empower through law-related education. The Law Foundation of Saskatchewan has been PLEA’s most important supporter since our organization began operations in June of 1980. The Foundation has provided the majority of PLEA’s operating funds on an annual basis for over thirty five years.

PLEA provides law-related information using language that is easy to understand. The information provided is specific to Saskatchewan and Canada and is intended to provide general information only. The information is not intended to form the basis of legal advice of any kind. Individuals seeking specific legal advice should consult a lawyer. While PLEA resources may not be commercially reproduced, all other reproduction is encouraged.

NewLI has been created by PLEA with funding from the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan to provide plain language legal information for newcomers. NewLI includes Saskatchewan-based information about rights & responsibilities, government, the justice system and answers to frequently asked questions.

PLEA would like to thank the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan for their generous support of this access to justice initiative. PLEA would also like to thank the Honourable Mr. Justice Robert G. Richards, Chief Justice of Saskatchewan, for his wisdom and foresight in identifying the need for this resource and his support throughout the development process. We are also grateful for the support of the Open Door Societies of both Regina and Saskatoon and the Innovation Division of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice.