Lawyers in Canada are independent of the government and the courts. If you are involved in the justice system a lawyer can help you. They can explain the law to you and suggest ways of dealing with the situation. They can help protect your rights if you are dealing with the police. They can communicate with others involved in the case and represent you if you must appear in court.

What Lawyers Do

Lawyers are trained in the law. They help people deal with legal issues by advising them, negotiating on their behalf and appearing in court for them, if necessary.

Finding a Lawyer

There are different ways to find a lawyer - from word of mouth to the yellow pages of your phone directory. There are also organizations and government programs that provide low-income people with lawyers free-of-charge in some situations.

Working with a Lawyer

Good communication between you and your lawyer is important for your lawyer to be able to help you. Lawyers must keep what you say private. Lawyers must keep you informed about your case. Although lawyers will make suggestions, you make the decisions about your case.

Paying a Lawyer

Bills from a lawyer may be confusing. Knowing how lawyers’ fees are determined and suggestions for keeping your bill down can help. There are also options if you disagree with a bill.

Complaints about Lawyers

There are strict standards that lawyers must meet when providing legal services. If you feel your lawyer has not lived up to them, you can make a complaint to the Law Society of Saskatchewan.