Family members have rights and responsibilities towards each other. Families can be married couples with or without children; they can also be couples who live together with or without children, parents who live on their own with children or parents that do not live with their children.

If a family relationship breaks down there can be disagreements about things like where children will live or who will stay in the family home. Support for children and other family members may also be an issue. Sometimes these things can be settled by agreement. See Alternatives to Court for more information. If they cannot be settled by agreement, either party can ask the court to decide what should happen.

For more information, see Family Law Saskatchewan.


Parents have certain responsibilities towards their children. This is true whether the parents live together or have ever lived together.


Married couples and couples who have lived together for 2 years or more are considered spouses by the law. Couples who have lived together for 1 year and had a child together can also be considered spouses in some cases. This means they have specific rights and obligations to each other.

Family Home & Property

Spouses can each own their own property and take out loans in their own names. However, there are special rules to deal with family property and the family home. Each spouse is usually entitled to half the value of the family home. Each spouse is also entitled to half of any increase in value during the relationship of any other family property.

Family Abuse and Violence

Family violence and abuse can take many forms. Family violence and abuse may include physical harm, as well as things like financial abuse, threats and verbal abuse. Some types of abuse are crimes and the police can be called. If you are being abused help is available.