The Canadian justice system is made up of a number of groups. Each one has its own role in keeping people safe, dealing with disputes, protecting people’s rights and ensuring fair treatment for all.


Police are hired by the communities they serve to keep the community safe. They must treat everyone the same. They can help in an emergency. Their other duties include things like investigating crimes, keeping the peace and helping victims of crime.


Lawyers in Canada are independent of the government and the courts. If you are involved in the justice system a lawyer can help you. They can explain the law to you and suggest ways of dealing with the situation. They can help protect your rights if you are dealing with the police. They can communicate with others involved in the case and represent you if you must appear in court.


Judges hear both sides of a court case and make decisions based on the law and the evidence. Judges are independent and are not influenced by government or public opinion.


Criminal matters and disputes between individuals sometimes end up in court. Courts are a formal setting where legal matters can be decided. A judge, and sometimes a jury, will hear evidence from both parties before deciding the case.

Victims of Crime

Victims of crime have rights in the justice system. They must be treated with dignity and respect. Their needs must be considered in every step of a case.