If you rent a place to live there are laws to protect you. You have rights and responsibilities. Almost all renters have the rights and responsibilities described here.

There are a few situations where these rules do not apply. They do not apply to stays in a hotel or motel of less than 6 months. They do not apply to hospital stays or emergency shelters. They also do not apply if you rent a business that includes a place to live together with it.

The Government of Saskatchewan has more detailed information on their Renting and Leasing page.

Finding a Place

When you are deciding whether to rent a place it is important to know what it will cost to live there and what the rules are. You may be responsible for some costs in addition to the rent.

Living in a Rented Place

Rental housing must be safe and fit to live in. Landlords must respect your privacy. There are rules about when they are allowed to enter your place. Landlords can make reasonable rules that all renters must follow.

Moving Out or Being Evicted

Unless you have agreed to rent for a set period of time, you can give your landlord notice that you are moving out. Your landlord can only force you to move out, or evict you, in certain situations.


You may think your landlord is not respecting your rights or your landlord may feel you have not lived up to your responsibilities. Often these things can be worked out by talking them over. If they cannot be worked out the Office of Residential Tenancies can hold a hearing, consider both sides, and decide what should happen.