What Government Agencies Do

Government agencies deal with many things, including:

 In the course of their work they make decisions about things like whether someone:

They can also settle disputes between people such as landlords and renters, or employees and employers.

You have the right to know what information the agency used to make a decision. This includes information they collected. It also includes information someone else gave them. You also have the right to give them any information that you think should be considered.

There are also rules about how government agencies make decisions. Their decisions must be based on guidelines created by the law. For example, if the law says that landlords must give renters notice of a rent increase, they cannot decide that notice is not needed. They cannot unfairly take sides. It must not look like they would favour one side or another. For example, they must not be friends with one party.

People who work for government agencies are employed by the government. However, they cannot favour the government when making a decision. They cannot stand to gain anything from making a certain decision. They cannot take bribes in exchange for a certain decision.

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