Police Duties

Police are hired by the communities they serve. In Saskatchewan some communities have their own police service, called municipal police. Others communities hire the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The RCMP also work throughout the province.

All police officers undergo screening and training. Police Services are not part of any military or religious organization.

Police enforce laws. They enforce the criminal law.  Criminal law sets a standard of behaviour for all people who live in Canada. Its main purpose is to protect society and keep our communities peaceful and safe.  Police enforce other laws as well, such as driving laws, liquor laws and bylaws made by cities or towns.

The police are just like anyone else. They must obey the law. They must protect the rights that people have under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Human Rights laws and other laws. Police must treat everyone the same. They cannot accept gifts or money.

Out in the community police may be in cars, on foot or on bicycles. Police duties include:

Calling the Police

You can call 911 for emergency help from the police. There is no charge for calling 911. Only use this number if there is immediate danger. Examples of this include:

The 911 operator will ask questions about the situation. If you are unable to answer they may still be able to find the location you are calling from and send help.

If there is no immediate danger you can call the main number for the police in your community. You can also go to the police station. You can find the phone number and address for your local police in the phonebook. You may want to contact the police to:

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