Answers to questions about Saskatchewan’s education system, healthcare, consumer matters, government programs and more.


Most medical treatment is provided free of charge if you have a Saskatchewan Health Services card. Any medically necessary treatment provided by a doctor, in or out of the hospital, is covered.


School from kindergarten to grade 12 is free for most children. Children 6 years old and up must attend school.


People have certain rights when they are buying goods or services. Knowing what protections exist and when you are on your own can help you make wise choices with your money.

Frauds, Schemes and Swindles

It can be hard to tell if an offer or an opportunity is real or a fraud. Information about common frauds can help you protect yourself.

Debts and Credit

Credit is when you receive something now based on a promise to pay for it later. Debt is what you promise to pay in exchange for the money, goods or services you receive.

Living in a Community

There are rules to keep our communities and public places safe and enjoyable for everyone. These rules can vary from community to community.

At What Age Can I?

The law sets out different ages at which young people can do certain things. In some cases there is no set age.