Laws are made by governments that are elected by the people. There are laws that deal with many day-to-day activities. Laws set out criminal behaviour and give people accused of crimes certain rights. They also set out rights and responsibilities between family members and create rules about renting, working and driving. Laws also cover many other areas not dealt with here.


If something is a crime there must be a written law making it a crime. The law must clearly set out what is not allowed. People charged with a crime have certain rights. They are presumed to be innocent unless the charge is proven in court or they admit to the charge. The law sets out certain consequences for people who are convicted of a crime.


Families have legal rights and responsibilities towards each other. Responsibilities include parents looking after and supporting their children. In some cases spouses will also have the responsibility to support the other spouse. Rights include the right to live in the family home and the right to a share of the family property.


There are laws that protect workers. These laws deal with things like how much workers must be paid, when they get breaks and time off, and what happens when someone leaves or loses their job.


People who rent a place to live and landlords have certain rights, as well as certain responsibilities. There are rules about things like caring for the rental property, privacy, moving out and evictions.


Anyone who wants to drive a car must pass a Saskatchewan driver’s exam and meet other conditions. Only cars that are registered and insured can be driven. The rules of the road must be obeyed by all drivers.