Government Agencies

The Government is involved in the day-to-day activities of people in many ways. Often the Government will create an agency to deal with certain activities. These agencies are created and funded by the Government but there are rules they must follow.

What Government Agencies Do

Governments create agencies to manage government services. These agencies also deal with certain disputes. These agencies make decisions that affect people’s lives. They are required to treat people fairly when making these decisions.

Dealing with Government Agencies

Different agencies will have different rules about how they make decisions. Agencies must tell you about how they operate if you ask for this information. If there is going to be a hearing to make a decision, you will be given notice of it. You will have the chance to present your case at the hearing.

Challenging a Decision

If you are not satisfied with a decision that a government agency has made, you can ask them to reconsider their decision. Sometimes an agency will have an appeal or review process. In limited situations the courts can review an agency’s decision.