What Courts Do

Courts provide a formal way to settle disputes.

Courts in Canada deal with many kinds of issues.  For example, they:

Many disputes do not go to court. See Alternatives to Court for information on options.

In Saskatchewan, there are two trial courts: Provincial Court and the Court of King’s Bench. Each of them deals with certain types of cases, although many cases can be heard in either court. Saskatchewan also has a Court of Appeal which hears appeals from these courts. A case may be appealed if one side or the other believes the first court made a mistake. The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court in the country and hears appeals from everywhere in Canada.

Provincial Court

Small Claims
(Under $30,000)
Traffic Offences Bylaw Offences Family Matters Criminal Matters
NSF cheques, unpaid debts, defective goods & services, recovery of personal property, etc.. speeding, running a red traffic light, not wearing a seatbelt, no headlights, etc. littering, smoking where prohibited, excessive noise, unlicensed pets, parking tickets etc. child protection, child support, spousal support theft, assault, break & enter, drug offences, youth crime, etc.

King's Bench Court

Civil Disputes
(Over $30,000)
Family Matters Serious Criminal Matters
breach of contract, wills & estates, wrongful firing, negligence, etc. divorce, parenting orders, child support, spousal support, dividing family property, restraining orders, etc. kidnapping, murder, assault with a weapon, impaired driving causing death, etc.

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